Leachate-TreatmentThe Little Bushy Warren waste collection site is used for the gathering of green garden waste for Hampshire. The green waste is composted in windrows, and turned into soil and lawn conditioners, woodchip mulch or pine bark. Two lagoons collect rainwater runoff from a four hectare hard-standing area for the compost windrows. Veolia asked for assistance in developing a cost effective strategy for treatment or removal of the accumulated rain water in the lagoons.

A horizontal flow soil reed bed system was designed. This consists of two reed beds to biologically treat the variety of effluents; and an engineered lake with a permanent water level, which acts as a balancing reservoir for a soak-away by natural percolation through the soil base.

Composting-treatmentAn ongoing maintenance regime is provided, which includes taking both inlet and outlet samples to ensure the system’s efficiency, and regulatory compliance. The system has been operating since 2010 and due to its success, the client has recently asked to design a system extension to cope with increased volumes of water that are now being produced.







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