About us and our team

About Us and our Team

iEnvi is your Environmental Consultancy,  specialising in soil and groundwater contamination, assessment and remediation. We offer a full suit of services from assessment right through the whole remediation process for heavy and light industry, residential and recreational sites too.

iEnvi has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and services everywhere in between guided by an experienced management team to get the best results for our clients. We have an extensive network of trusted partners, developed over the last twenty years to get your job done and done right. We draws on these years of national and international experience to take you through the the most complex of problems and develop a solution that is right for you.

Michael Nicholls - Founder and Principal
After more than 20 years environmental consulting, business development and country and office management experience spanning Australia, China and the Middle East Michael founded iEnvironmental Australia - a new way of doing environmental consulting in Australia offering more competitive fees, and experts and technologies selected from the global best.
Jeet Rahanger - Finance
Our finance director Jeet Rahanger has wide experience in a number of industries before joining the iEnvi team. He grins a creativity to his role backed with training as a CPA
Alisa Bryce - Regional Director
Based on the results our field tests and the intended land use we develop a customised remediation plan including removal, capping layer(s) and vegetation solutions. Where appropriate we will engage soil, geotechnical and earth moving specialists that we know and have used for many years and take care of all the management of the entire project, with regular reporting to you!.
Alex - Sydney
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Daniel James - Operations
Our very own rocket scientist, Daniel bring the expertise of a PhD and an MBA to our operations and innovative ways of getting the job done, all without compromising on quality
David Johansen - External Advisory
With a career spanning almost 50 years David leads our advisory board helping us see the word for the trees to bring you the very best in services and stay abreast of emerging changes.

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Environmental consultants. Specialists in groundwater and soil contamination.
We are looking forward helping you develop a better understanding your site, together with strategies to rehabilitate and an action plan if needed. 

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