reed beds pesticide remediation

reed beds pesticide remediationAn old industrial site that had been used as a pesticide research and development facility required remediation. The ground and underlying aquifer was heavily contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals. Initially the contaminated soils were removed and partially treated by thermal desorption. Next, a groundwater treatment system was installed. This consisted of 4 reed beds (4,000m2 in total) which used the partially treated soils mixed with limestone as a growing medium. Two pumps were installed to extract contaminated water from the groundwater aquifer and feed it to the reed beds. By this means, the remediation of contaminated soils was completed, and contaminated water continued to be circulated through the reed beds for more than 20 years. This has achieved gradual clean-up of the groundwater aquifer, while also preventing the migration of contamination to the adjacent river and other sensitive areas.


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