Contaminated Soil and Water Management and Disposal

iEnvi works with Councils, businesses and developers to find solutions that balance sustainability, cost, and timeframe for waste management, and our team have saved millions of dollars by providing out of the box solutions. How do we do this?

  • We provide options for innovative soil and waste beneficial reuse solutions. This is particularly useful for developments where soil can be retrieved for reuse in landscaping and contaminated material may be remediated and reused offsite or onsite.
  • We find innovative offsite solutions including beneficial reuse approvals from EPA bodies. Saving disposal and clean imported quarried material.
  • We use a strong network to reduce the cost of contaminated material disposal and EPA approvals.
  • Prescribed waste innovative solutions within regulatory compliance.
  • Capping solutions and contaminated soil management onsite that can save millions of dollars, by selecting low-risk areas of a development to safely store (under approval and management) contaminated material.
  • Waste classifications.
  • Asbestos Management Plans.
  • Long-term EMPs (Environmental Management Plans) for leaving contaminated material on site.
  • Long-term, passive remediation options for water, groundwater, and soil such as reed bed treatments, phytoextraction, and phytoremediation, fixation, capping, and containment cells, monitored natural attenuation.

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