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iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) is a contaminated land environmental consultancy, specialising in soil and groundwater contamination, assessment and remediation, as well as water treatment.

We service Australia from our office locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and partnership offices in Adelaide and Perth.

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Our Work

Acidic Landfill Leachate Remediation by Reed Beds, UK

  Large consistent volumes of landfill leachate emanating from a restored landfill site. The landfill had been used for many years, for the disposal of domestic and vehicle batteries and it was believed other wastes were also tipped. This leachate posed a threat to local surface and groundwater. Domestic landfill leachates can display a variety

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UPSS Abandonment Insitu Via Foam Filling, Sunshine Coast QLD

iEnvi was engaged by a local restaurant owner to manage the decommissioning and abandonment of three underground storage tanks (USTs) at a restaurant in Hervey Bay, QLD. The site is currently on the QLD Environmental Management Register (EMR) for historical use of the site as a commercial service station. The client wished to have the

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Construction Environmental Management Plan for a Sports Complex, South East QLD

iEnvi were engaged by an engineering firm on behalf of a regional council to undertake a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and components of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the construction of a sports complex. The CEMP was required for development approval of the site.  The construction processes included clearing of existing vegetation, major

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Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Preliminary Study, Mornington Peninsula VIC

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a term that refers to the change (either acceleration or inhibition) in corrosion caused by the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi), typically as a result of their metabolic activities. The most commonly known outcome of MIC is a dramatic acceleration in the rates of corrosion, typically in the form

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iEnvi is an environmental consultancy formed by globally experienced, seasoned contaminated land practitioners. It is the product of years of experience resetting the environmental consulting experience. Our commitment to you is to provide excellent service and innovative approaches. We utilise the latest developments in environmental sciences, to deliver exceptional value while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.