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Project Overview: iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) conducted a Delineation Investigation (DI) at anindustrial site located in the northwest of Sydney, following a request from the NSW EPA based on the findings of potential risk in a baseline environmental investigation. The site, involved in aerosol and paint manufacturing, required a thorough assessment to determine contamination levels and compliance with environmental regulations. The site contained various solvent hydrocarbon above ground storage tanks (ASTs) underground storage tanks (USTs) in several tank farms.

Investigation and Findings: The DI included the installation of three new groundwater monitoring wells, 13 soil bore locations, and two additional stormwater sampling points. A total of eight groundwater samples, 39 soil samples, and two stormwater samples were collected. The investigation revealed minor hydrocarbon impacts in soil, generally below Tier 1 risk criteria, with the exception of one shallow sample near a tank farm. Groundwater samples indicated elevated levels of dissolved metals such as cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc, primarily sourced from natural geochemistry rather than site activities.

Technical Approach: The investigation utilised advanced techniques including aquifer slug tests and detailed chemical analysis. The calculated groundwater velocity suggested minimal risk to nearby ecological receptors due to the extended travel time of contaminants to the nearest ecological receptor water body. Despite isolated hydrocarbon detections exceeding Tier 1 criteria for vapour intrusion, further sub slab


r testing was recommended to determine if the site required reporting to the regulator under the Duty to Report.

Regulatory and Commercial Impact: The investigation and management options are likely sufficient for meeting the NSW EPA requirements and avoiding regulation of the site. The effective management of contamination risks and recommendations should ensure that NSW EPA does not require regulation of the site unless further investigation determines a confirmed human health or ecological risk, demonstrating iEnvi's commitment to delivering sustainable and economically viable environmental solutions.

This project underscores iEnvi's expertise in handling complex contamination issues while ensuring regulatory adherence and client satisfaction.

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