Jenolan Caves

Major NSW Infrastructure Project, Environmental Sampling and Waste Classification

iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) was engaged by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to provide waste classification and beneficial reuse assessment near the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains.


The Problem: Construction works on the Jenolan Caves Road project involved excavation of soil and bedrock. Some of that material had been impacted by anthropogenic activities, and all material required classification for either reuse or disposal to landfill in accordance with NSW Waste Classification Guidelines.


Project Summary: Part of the TfNSW larger Jenolan Caves Road project included remediation of the Jenolan Caves Road cliff wall that was damaged by a combination of fires, floods, and landslides in the space of two months.

iEnvi was engaged by TfNSW to help manage excavated material by assessing the waste classification or potential reuse.

iEnvi provided sampling at the construction site, and a CEnvP SC reviewed waste classification report. Part of this included a Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VENM) certificate, which allowed portions of the material to be separated and reused.


Solution & Benefit: By classifying portions of the excavated spoil, material was able to be separated between any clean or contaminated material for reuse or waste disposal. iEnvi’s fast, client-focussed approach meant that the large project was not delayed, and a sustainable solution, at lower cost was found for portions of the excavated material.

iEnvi provide waste classification, exemptions and reuse advice to major infrastructure projects and developments in NSW, QLD and VIC.

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