Environmental Consultant at site

iEnvironmental Australia's growth in the market means that we're looking at expanding our network of sub-consultants (independent contractors), with a goal of reaching 100 sub-consultants by the end of 2022.

Environmental Consultant at site

During the four years as a company (and eight years since iEnvironmental Australia was first formed) we have seen growth, coupled with disruptions, both globally and in Australia's market including COVID, floods, and uncertainty on large projects proceeding. We designed iEnvi to survive this by having staff coupled with a network of local and overseas sub-consultant contractors.

Our sub-consultant contractor network has allowed us to sustain business and grow at low risk during volatile times. It allows us to bring the best of the best and local availability to our clients no matter where the work is, and we can also do reporting in different time zones so for certain projects the work is done faster.

Our clients have demanded local availability and the best technical inputs to assist on their projects - which we have always been able to deliver between our staff and our extended network of consultant subcontractors.

Now, in 2022, our growth in the market means that our company will also expand our number of consultant subcontractors with a goal of reaching 100 consultant contractors by the end of 2022 available for our clients. This will provide sustainability and growth throughout some of the forecasted economically, and socially challenging times ahead.

iEnvi maintains its commitment to quality through our leadership as do our global and local experts for our clients. For us, our business model is the perfect match for our commitment to quality and delivering locally and supplying the right experts. We choose the best of the best to help meet your demands and provide innovative problem-solving.

Subconsulting as a contractor provides flexibility as we have all become used to during the COVID era, working from home, office or site when required.

If you are a contaminated land professional (general or technical specialist), believe in the ideals of innovation and integrity, and are in a position to contract - please fill in this form to apply to become an iEnvi's contaminated land sub-consultant.




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