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Compliance Investigation &Cost-Effective Remediation and Beneficial Reuse of Asbestos-Impacted Soil at Industrial Site in Victoria

The Victorian EPA requested an investigation at an industrial site in Coolaroo to meet General Environmental Duty requirements. iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) conducted the investigation, identifying low risk overall but finding bonded asbestos in recently excavated soil stockpiles and elevated levels of dissolved metals in groundwater.

Investigation and Findings: iEnvi installed three groundwater monitoring wells and collected 38 soil samples from 13 locations. Initial groundwater samples showed elevated levels of copper, nickel, and zinc, but further sampling revealed that these concentrations were due to natural geochemistry rather than site contamination. The primary concern was bonded asbestos in the soil.

Technical Approach: To address the contamination, iEnvi developed a cost-effective remediation plan. The plan included:

  • Comprehensive soil and groundwater sampling.
  • Safe removal of bonded asbestos from soil stockpiles using emu picking, which significantly reduced disposal costs.
  • A detailed risk assessment confirming a low risk from dissolved metals in groundwater.

Remediation and Benefits: The remediation plan allowed for the reuse of soil as clean fill, saving the client hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to disposal at a licensed landfill. EPA Victoria was satisfied with the investigation and remediation efforts, ensuring regulatory compliance and site safety.

iEnvi's innovative approach not only addressed the asbestos contamination effectively but also provided substantial financial savings and regulatory approval, highlighting our commitment to sustainable environmental solutions.

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