Contaminated Land Consultants Sydney

Contaminated land consultants that you can trust in Sydney

Also called environmental engineers or environmental consultants, contaminated land consultants are the people to turn to when there are environmental concerns influencing the development of your business. At iEnvironmental, you can find the advice and support you need from highly experienced, Tier 1 consultancies, with minimal overheads and no hidden costs.

In the short term and long term, we aim to save you money in simple, ethical ways. Our expert consultants have backgrounds of over twenty years in the industry, specialising in global and local largescale construction projects, while providing excellent support in the assessment of property transactions, risks, or liability in cases of contamination and environmental compliance.

From our offices in Brisbane, QLD; Sydney, NSW; and Melbourne, VIC, we service all of Australia on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us if you are in need of:

Detailed site investigations

iEnvi are conscious of the fact that every client has vastly different circumstances and needs. For this reason, you can expect all plans of action to be tailored and to take your commercial objectives into account. We begin by confirming your needs, enlisting the support of relevant specialists, and then strategizing solutions for your regulatory compliance.

In this process, there are never any cost or outcome surprises – plans will be laid out upfront with endpoints included.

Satisfy the requirements of the EPA (environmental protection authority) with human and ecological health risk assessments (HHERA), or request comprehensive contamination remediation action plans. Other services include (but are not limited to) development of conceptual site models (CSM), and sampling and analysis quality plans (SAQP).

Contaminated Land Consultancy Sydney

Advice for legal cases or negotiations

For support in navigating legal disputes, advice concerning M&A transactions, or for help with the finer details of any contamination case, iEnvi have the knowledge and experience to offer unbeatable service. Pre-purchase/lease advice, government advice, and business or property sale strategies are all available, along with much more.

We also act as expert witnesses, delivering the advisory support of forensic specialists or extensive reports for a broad range of legal situations.

Whatever your needs or concerns surrounding the environmental impacts of your business, iEnvironmental Australia will provide the highest value advice, minimise risks as effectively as possible, and put teams of dedicated specialists at your disposal. Contact us on 13000-43684 ( 13000 IENVI ) to solve your contamination issues with ease.

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