Groundwater and Water Services

Groundwater and Water Services

Surface Water Pond Assessment
Contamination and ecological risk assessment of a pond

Whatever your contaminated water needs are, we've got you covered. From investigation and assessment right through to a range of treatment options for waters on the surface, under the ground, passing through or adjacent to your site. 

iEnvi will develop tailor-made solutions for you. Our water treatment solutions include evaluation of the best options from our innovative technology suppliers and designers from across the globe, to provide the latest, proven technologies for wastewater and groundwater treatment and investigation. 

Groundwater modelling is also an important tool used by hydrogeologists to assess and predict potential negative impacts on groundwater and any sensitive receptors on site or surrounding the target sites. 

iEnvi cover most aspects of groundwater and hydrogeology with our experts by focussing on areas of risk, providing critical information to avoid unnecessary costs whilst maintaining compliance and implementation.

In addition, iEnvi supply innovative reed beds using a combination of soil, microbiology and plants to remove polluting chemical species from wastewater including PFAS.

As an experienced groundwater remediation/water treatment consultancy, we offer a wide range of approaches and technologies to meet the individual requirements of each site, including:

Reed Bed PFAS Water Treatment
Reed bed water treatment of PFAS, petroleum and organic matter of airport sites
  • ecological risk assessment
  • sediment investigation, remediation and risk assessment
  • mine site and quarry water balance models
  • surface runoff and erosion sediment models
  • landfill groundwater and leachate assessments and modelling
  • hydrogeological studies and groundwater monitoring well network design
  • groundwater remediation
  • Model for Effluent Disposal Using Land Irrigation (MEDLI model) - for approval to discharge partially impacted wastewater or sewer to land
  • Water/groundwater treatment using:
    • Multiphase Vapour Extraction (MPVE)
    • Insitu chemical oxidation/reduction (ISCO/ISCR)
    • Catalytic Advanced Oxidation (CAO)
    • advanced reed bed rhizome bacteria and fungus systems
    • PFAS water treatment
    • bespoke design solutions
    • contaminant fate and transport modelling, natural attenuation and risk assessment
    • landfill water monitoring, leachate management, modelling and treatment


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