Petroleum/Underground Tank Environmental Services

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underground tank removal and validation

iEnvi has noted expertise in servicing the petroleum industry in Australia.

Downstream services are offered to a range of sectors including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, petroleum product distribution, retail outlets and natural gas distribution companies.

Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (known as UPSS) have long been a focus of environmental investigation, as they can leak fuel into the subsurface. Petroleum vapours can migrate to the surface creating carcinogenic vapour intrusion risk. Groundwater can also transport fuels outside a property boundary, causing offsite contamination and larger environmental liability.

We have consulted in many enforcement notices and audits by State Government Environmental Regulatory bodies, as well as legal cases where fines and lawsuits apply due to this off-site migration.

In many states, there are increasing amounts of legislative requirements for managers, owners and operators of UPSS, and large penalties that apply for not complying with the new requirements that apply to both individuals, as well as companies.

Our team of scientists and engineers help provide solutions for UPSS, including:

underground storage tank ground penetrating radar scan
  • Advice on regulatory requirements, liability and legal cases
  • Human health and environmental risk assessment (HHERA)
  • Leak and Integrity testing
  • Property cleanup cost evaluation and negotiation
  • Groundwater and soil vapour monitoring
  • Underground storage tank (UST) and above ground storage tank (AST) removal and validation
  • New system design and modification of existing systems to meet requirements
  • Environmental investigations and detailed site investigation
  • Prep-purchase and pre-lease property due diligence
  • Groundwater modelling and fait and transport (F&T) modelling of contaminant transport
  • Remediation of impacted soil and groundwater, and site remediation
  • Environmental management and protection plans for compliance and risk avoidance

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