Contamination Advice

Contamination from Car Scrapping
Contamination from car scrapping operations inhibiting refinancing of a property

iEnvi experts provide contamination advice for M&A transactions, legal disputes and for helping set strategies to manage contamination problems.

We offer bespoke expert witness solutions, ranging from brief advisory services to preparing extensive expert reports and giving evidence in court or at a tribunal. 

We can act as an expert witness for both claimants and defendants across a wide range of civil litigations, arbitrations or criminal cases and negotiations. Our extensive range of support includes forensic specialists in a wide array of elements of environmental problems.

We offer:

  • property contamination legacy
  • pre-purchase/ lease advice
  • support for legal cases
  • business operational compliance with environmental regulations and best practice
  • government advice
  • sediment contamination
  • business and property sale strategies with contamination legacy
  • commercial advice in strategising contamination

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