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iEnvironmental Australia is an environmental consulting firm in Melbourne with a difference. We aim to deliver on all our projects by giving you the best technical team of the highest quality, and the best value propositions bearing commercial objectives in mind while maintaining professional and ethical standards. Our quality control on every project is comprehensive, and our experience allows a range of compliant approaches to be considered.

Our senior partners facilitate solutions and connections within the industry to pass on value that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our project managers communicate frequently and can provide real time software access so that you are kept up to date throughout the entire project, while also ensuring that we deliver Tier 1 environmental consulting firm (where our staff come from) quality reports and outcomes, without the overheads.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Environmental Consultancy in Melbourne?

iEnvironmental Australia has developed an innovative business model, which ensures that we can offer our services at extremely competitive rates, as well as being able to provide improved technical teams who are locally available. In effect, our tailor-made team is the best available and provides a solution that will be very cost competitive and high value.

  • As leading environmental consultants in Melbourne, our business model enables us to provide leading experts and technologies for a project, rather than being restricted to a single team.
  • We have vastly reduced our overheads for our business so that your business gains the benefit of this cost-saving as well.
    Our environmental engineers in Melbourne are qualified and come with appropriate accreditations. These individuals are highly sought after by clients, and we make every effort to collaborate with them and offer our solutions being accessible and working with our client’s business constraints wherever possible.
  • When we work on projects we focus on problem solving and solutions within our client and the project’s specific requirements. We will keep commercial objectives in mind at all times and ensure that all members of our project team behave professionally and ethically, and in compliance with environmental regulations and industry standards.

Solutions for Contaminated Land in Melbourne

We can assist with all your requirements for conducting an environmental assessment or investigation in Melbourne. We do this every day, and we are here to guide you through the process. If you know your site is contaminated, or are not at all sure, let us help. We approach the investigation process in three standard phases, making every effort to control your costs and forecast what the next stages will look like in advance while working towards environmental compliance and reliable investigation data and reports.

  • We will conduct preliminary site investigations which can be used for environmental due diligence and historical review, and can be relied on by financial lenders, the vendor, Auditors, or regulators. It can also be useful for mergers and acquisitions to assess a large number of properties to determine higher risk properties to further investigate.
  • The next step is on-site testing known as a detailed site investigation. We put together a tailor-made investigation sampling program that may consider stages to help control costs. The tests we conduct will depend on how you intend to use the site both now and in the future, and any risks we pick up during the preliminary site investigation. We interpret the environmental and human health risk from this taking into all available information.
  • The third and final phase is the site remediation and/or quantitative human health and ecological risk assessment (HHERA). If necessary, we will develop a customised remediation plan based on our field test results and what the intended use of the land is. If required we will advise of the best approach for passive or active remediation of contaminated soil, soil vapour, land gas, groundwater and surface water. We also remove and validate underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) including underground storage tanks (USTs) and above ground storage tanks (ASTs), and implement the remediation.

How Much Do You Know About Environmental Assessment in Melbourne?

State and council have planning and environmental requirements that can be hard to navigate. We do this every day, and can help provide an environmental investigation or environmental management plan for your site that complies with planning and environmental regulations and achieves the approvals you require.
Please do feel free to contact us if you would like us to provide any additional information on environmental assessments and investigation in Melbourne.

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