Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) visual inspection
Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) visual inspection

iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) is a contaminated land environmental consultancy, specialising in soil and groundwater contamination, assessment and remediation, as well as water treatment.

iEnvi is an environmental consultancy formed by globally experienced, seasoned contaminated land practitioners. It is the product of years of experience resetting the environmental consulting experience. Our commitment to you is to provide excellent service and innovative approaches. We utilise the latest developments in environmental sciences, to deliver exceptional value while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

We service Australia from our office locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and partnership offices in Adelaide and Perth. Our delivery is unique in that we network our technical professionals on difficult projects and our local delivery teams, to ensure value, safety, quality and innovative solutions and service are maintained.

We draw on decades of national and international experience and partnerships to take you through the most complex of problems to develop a solution that is right for you.


Our Vision and Mission

water treatment and sampling
Water treatment, sampling conducted on-site

iEnvi's core is a vision of technical, quality and service excellence; with fundamental integrity and innovation in environmental consulting. Our company will expand nationally in Australia, establishing new methods of delivering efficiency, communication and technical solutions for our client's environmental needs. We will expand to primarily provide excellent service to large projects where contaminated land and environmental services are required across greater Australia.

Our mission is to be leaders in Australia's contaminated land industry, by demonstrating integrity and innovation in our business and projects. We will do this by providing excellent client service, high-quality work, continual internal innovation, new approaches in implementing our projects and integrity in all our communications and technical solutions. Our people mission is to have our team look forward to coming to work each day, go home safely, and reach their professional potential.

Our approach to remediation balances the needs of the environment with the complexity of regulatory frameworks. We progressively lower the environmental impact and financial risk over the project lifecycle from preliminary assessment through to establishing and successfully completing your most advantageous remediation strategy.

Unlike traditional environmental consulting firms, we were set up to integrate with additional professionals from other consultancies, universities, and research organisations to ensure the best solution is found by the best people.
Our team has managed multibillion-dollar projects through to providing small residential development advice and pro bono services for those who are in need. For each scale, we value innovation, communication, easy delivery and integrity in our service to our clients.

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Quality and Innovation


We provide the best available tailor-made team of environmental specialists by partnering with companies, universities and individuals, and innovative technologies around the world, to help solve difficult environmental consulting contaminated land remediation, and waste water management problems.

Because of our innovative business model, we are almost always less expensive, and provide better technical and locally available teams managed through our locations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Why do we have this business model?

1) It frees us to provide clients the best experts and technologies in the locality or world engaged into your project, instead of having to utilise a single consultancy’s team which may not entirely be suited.

2) It minimises overheads for standard work, which is a cost saving we can pass on.

3) Client feedback that individuals who deliver well are sought rather than companies. This in turn is reflected in Australia by the requirement of certification of environmental professional individuals, as opposed to company certification (strong brands do not always equal exceptional delivery, and sometimes just the opposite).

We will always strive to provide our projects with the highest grade technical team, best value propositions with commercial objectives closely in mind, and beyond reproach ethically and in our professional conduct and those we outsource to.

Michael Nicholls. B Env Sci, CEnvP (CS Specialist), Director and Principal Environmental Scientist

Some of the organisations our expert team have helped

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