Industrial Site Services

Concrete Batching Facility
Implementation of an environmental management plan for a concrete batching facility after a pollution incident

iEnvi work with industrial clients to understand the commercial, regulatory and risk profiles that are of concern and advise our clients when they should be of concern.

Industrial sites have a higher risk of contamination, since chemicals, fuels, wastes, and processes often have the potential to penetrate and impact the subsurface.

iEnvi support our industrial clients by providing the following services:

  • contamination monitoring – for compliance, to evaluate risk and liability including soil, gas and groundwater investigation and monitoring services;
  • selling, leasing and purchasing properties and businesses – sellers and purchasers should be armed with the knowledge to support their position in negotiations and to protect from incorrectly attributed contamination to their business operations;
  • waste management and reuse – reduce your waste and potentially sell it for reuse under little-known government regulations;
    regulator environmental infringements assistance – if you have received a notice from an EPA body or Council, we can partner to guide your though cost effective strategies for getting back on track;
  • environmental licencing consulting and compliance – we can help with submissions for licenses, and review your operations and tell you whether licenses are required under the law. We can also help you comply and audit your facilities;
  • pollution incident response management plans and environmental management plans for the site (PIRMPs and EMPs) – help create plans to prevent later catastrophes or know how to legally and compliantly manage pollution incents when and if they occur;
  • contamination investigation and remediation – prevent further liability, regulatory penalties and increase your property asset value by creating a smart plan and strategy for managing contamination; and
  • treat water and wastewater with a wider evaluation of technologies and waste reuse exemptions.
Reed Bed Treatment Chemical Facility Wastewater
Reed bed treatment for wastewater generated by a chemical facility

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