Future Warriors Project

future warriors project siangaiEnvi are proud supporters of the Future Warriors Project (FWP) helping meet the challenges of developing nations and communities.

FWP started as a concept in 2006 when a group of young Maasai, including Sianga Kuyan, met to discuss issues confronting Maasai communities and what they wanted to do to build a better future for Maasai people and share their culture with Australian communities. Today the Future Warriors Project supports initiative in both Tanzania and Australia.

The Future Warriors Project provides support for people to innovate, and move into roles as “Warriors” of the new world, where drought and other factors affect their proud traditional lifestyle.

Through Sianga’s inspirational message FWP brings hope to many Australians who are finding it hard to achieve their dreams and aspirations through community service groups, schools, business networks and Australian Indigenous with shared stories and culture.  Contact the Future Warriors Project if you are interested in finding about more.


iEnvironmental Australia community support of the future warriors project

“Thank you Sianga, Mel and the Future Warriors for recognising iEnvironmental Australia’s support of your great work. Our support will keep growing and we love the exciting difference you are making!”, M. Nicholls (founder iEnvironmental Australia)

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