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We offer comprehensive quality control, and an injection of experience and thoughtful solutions on each project. 

Our senior partners bring solutions and industry connections with heads of waste, construction and consulting companies that help us pass on value to our clients.

Our project managers ensure your projects with us are delivered with excellence every step of the way.

Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance
We provide some of Australia's fastest and most complete environmental due diligence services through our connections to providers across Australia.
Contaminated Sites Evaluation
We inject experience and the best solutions through a network of partner-level team members, and our project management team ensure delivery for environmental assessment and risk assessment projects.
iEnvi consults to government and industry, providing innovative remediation strategies that often are described as out-of-the-box unique solutions.
Contaminated Soil and Water Management and Disposal
iEnvi leverage our relationships to your advantage and provide innovative approaches for waste management, including beneficial reuse solutions, remediation of waste soil and water, and compliant yet unusual disposal and transport options.
Water Treatment
iEnvi tailor-made solutions for water treatment includes a selection of practical strategies using Australia's best innovative technology suppliers and designers.
iEnvi Machete
Read the latest environmental news, filtered by us to provide what is important to you.

iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) is an environmental consultancy designed to rethink how environmental consulting and contracting is provided across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, giving you innovative solutions.

Our senior partners and project managers tailor-make teams of environmental consultants including individual experts and technologies that are selected from environmental consultancies, universities and individuals with local regulatory experience, and the best available technical experience worldwide.

We use a forum of partners with more than 20 years of experience to provide solutions and select the right project consultants and contractors for the job. Our project managers ensure the projects are delivered on time and budget.
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Welcome to iEnvironmental Australia

iEnvironmental Australia Pty Ltd was brought about by senior partners frustrated that expert individuals were often in competing environmental consultancies, and this made "the A team" difficult to put together on large, difficult environmental projects. Our clients have always told us they need good solutions from experienced professionals, and projects to be well delivered and managed...

so we built a company based on this feedback.

Mission: We are a non-conforming company of highly experienced environmental professionals that work with us, who wish to bring integrity and service back to environmental projects, by forming the best available teams, and utilising new technologies and methods of delivery that enhance value.

Vision: We want to ensure projects provide a beneficial outcome to the real needs of the people that we work for and with, leading the way in innovative change in how environmental project solutions are formed and delivered.

Values: Our values are to always challenge the status quo and never be afraid to innovate and create. We will always listen with respect to the people we work for an wih, and provide a thoughtful, earnest delivery and solution by bringing together the best team available.

Some of the organisations our expert team have helped

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Environmental consultants. Specialists in groundwater and soil contamination.

iEnvironmental Australia Pty Ltd is structured in a way that provides value, we have a forum of experienced partners (20 years plus experience) and project managers to make sure our projects are exceptionally delivered. Unfortunately at this time we are not taking junior environmental consultant staff/graduate CVs or applications.

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iEnvironmental Australia Pty Ltd     ABN:65 625 493 478