Contaminated Land Consultants In Sydney

Contaminated Land Consultants That You Can Trust In Sydney

iEnvironmental (also known as iEnvi) is a national environmental consulting firm that provides you with experienced advice and strategies in dealing with environmental compliance, investigation and cleanup. Our team has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of sites across Sydney and New South Wales.

We provide expert, certified consulting support to businesses who need help with environmental management, due diligence for property transactions, site investigations and remediation and risk assessment of contaminated properties.

From our offices in Brisbane, QLD; Sydney, NSW; and Melbourne, VIC, and partnership offices in the Gold Coast, QLD, Adelaide SA and Perth WA, we service all of Australia with emphasis on providing high quality, well communicated projects and support.

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Environmental Management and Compliance Plans and Audits

To ensure your business is operating compliantly and in a way that reduces risk of catastrophic pollution incidents or non-compliance with environmental regulations, iEnvi support your business by reviewing the storage, operation and management at your sites in relation to environmental regulations and standards.

iEnvi provides specialists (such as Exemplar Global Auditors, fuel system (AS1940) specialists, and industry experienced environmental consultants) to help with providing useful and detailed compliance audits.

We assist with a review of the risk, and provide site or operational management plans (SMPs and OEMPs) wastewater management plans (WMPs), construction environmental management plans (CEMPs), acid sulfate soil management plans (ASSMPs), pollution incident response management plans (PIRMPs) and other tailored plans  that are compliant to environmental guidelines and accepted by local government and state regulators, and user friendly to the users.

iEnvi supply training and easy to use Plan documents to ensure your team can manage environmental risks and be aware of the environmental management framework, regulations and operational requirements.

Contaminated Land Consultants Sydney

Due Diligence and Preliminary Site Investigations (or Phase 1 ESAs)

iEnvi provides environmental investigations at the desktop or initial stage of investigation including preliminary site investigations (PSI) and desktop environmental due diligence (EDD).

Being able to assess risk at this early stage of investigation is critical to ensuring significant contamination is not overlooked, and that reports are accepted by regulators and financial institutions. Our Certified Environmental Practitioners Site Contamination Specialists (CEnvP CS Specialists) are available to design and review our due diligence/PSI projects.

Contamination of properties can cause the property asset to have a negative value (or worse) and is often underestimated in terms of importance in decision making, negotiations, and liability risk. Depending on the project requirements and use of the PSI report, iEnvi may include a scope that is a desktop review only, or include limited sampling as part of the PSI.

Our clients often need these services for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), buying or selling properties, and for finance using a property as collateral.  The initial investigations can help determine the potential environmental liability at a property, which can help with financing, determination whether to do further contamination investigation, suitability of a site for a proposed use, and risk.

Detailed Site Investigations (or Phase 2 ESAs)

Often known contamination requires further investigation, or potential investigation requires confirmation by completing sampling of soil, water and groundwater at properties and comparing the results to environmental risk guideline thresholds. This further investigation is known as a detailed site investigation (DSI) or phase 2 environmental site assessment (Phase 2 ESA).

iEnvi has a network of subcontractors (such as laboratories, drillers, service locators, excavators) who are evaluated and reviewed and ranked in quality, which means we will provide competitive pricing but also high quality in the investigations we complete.

Our DSIs include review and advice from our Principal Environmental Scientists and Certified Environmental Practitioners Site Contamination Specialists (CEnvP CS Specialists), which are often required by financial institutions and government bodies to sign off on investigations.

A detailed site investigation (DSI) or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment often follows a PSI (or Phase 1 ESA). Investigations help determine the risk of any ground or water contamination to environmental and human receptors, and of contamination leaving a property and potentially affecting another property (and causing a liability and/or risk to other asset owners).

The level of quality in deciding where to place samples, how many samples to get, and the methods of collecting samples is critical to relying on data.

Developing a sampling and analysis quality plan (SAQP) is the first step, which involves a review of the purpose, methodologies, logic, and quality controls requirements to rely on data retrieved in the DSI.

After sampling is completed and sample analytical results are received from NATA accredited laboratories, the data is reviewed in context to the site and surrounds, and environmental guidelines.

Knowing what relevant guideline criteria are based on or derived from,  and how they can be used in the context of each site  is critical in understanding the risk and next course of action. There may be duties to report contamination to regulators or to further investigation contamination. iEnvi will always communicate this with our clients and help with a business friendly strategy that is compliance.

The end (and critical) goal of a DSI is to build a conceptual site model (CSM) to evaluate the contamination sources, pathways and any potential receptors, to help visualise the uncertainty of the delineation of contamination and to help evaluate the risk of any contamination to receptors.

If this is not done properly or with high enough quality, then the argument against Tier 1 conservative criteria may be insufficient, or that key aspects were missed that may cause complications later, after commercial decisions have been made such as the purchase or sale of a property or business.

Risk Assessment and Remediation

After a DSI indicates there is some risk to people or ecological receptors, or if ground is going to be disturbed for construction/development or activities at a site, then in many cases risk assessment may be the next option, and/or remediation.

iEnvi provides experts who have done it all before. We want the “A” team involved to provide you with the best opportunity to be guides successfully. Our global collaboration model with universities and other firms means you will always get the best solutions and the best experience injected into your remediation project.

A human health and ecological risk assessment (HHERA) is a quantitative calculation of contamination concentration thresholds and risks to identify human health or ecological receptors. This involves detailed analysis of the amount of time, and specific types of receptors, and detailed calculations on the decay or contaminant concentrations through soil and other pathways to a receptors.

Often a HHERA will result in a reduced cost of remediation, or may avoid the need for remediation altogether.

However, if remediation is required, then a process should be followed that is compliant, skilled and minimises commercial uncertainty.

A remediation action plan (RAP) should be developed first, to assess remediation strategies that may best be suitable for the site, budget, timeframe and type of contamination; and be compliant and technically successful. From each shortlisted remediation strategy, a set of remediation technologies should be assessed against criteria for the project, and initial pilot trials and/or laboratory bench scale testing may be completed to test which is the most effective technology, or the calibration of the technology, prior to full scale remediation.

iEnvi employs a variety of experienced experts in risk assessment and remediation, and also partners with universities and other firms to ensure the best and most experienced team for each contamination problem is selected for remediation to be completed successfully for you.

Environmental Expert Witness and Advice for Legal Cases, Reviews or Negotiations

iEnvi’s broad range of environmental experts and partnership network mean that the majority of experts required for  legal cases, expert witness or advice involving environmental contamination issues can be provided to our clients.

As well as our specialists, we also provide review and advice from our Principal Environmental Scientists and Certified Environmental Practitioners Site Contamination Specialists (CEnvP CS Specialists), which are often required by financial institutions and government bodies to sign off on investigations.

For support in navigating legal disputes, advice concerning M&A transactions, or for help with the finer details of any contamination case, iEnvi have the knowledge and experience to provide differentiated service. Pre-purchase/lease advice, petroleum contamination, government advice, and business or property sale strategies are all available, along with much more.

We also act as expert witnesses including for both major and small scale issues and projects including family law property disputes, and state significant project disputes.

Whatever your needs or concerns surrounding the environmental impacts of your business, iEnvironmental Australia will provide the highest value advice, minimise risks as effectively as possible, and teams of dedicated specialists to help you with high quality, commercially sensitive advice, and technical excellence.

Contact us on 13000-43684 ( 13000 IENVI ) to get the support and results you need.

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