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Detailed Site Investigations (or Phase 2 ESAs)

Often known contamination requires further investigation, or potential investigation requires confirmation by completing sampling of soil, water and groundwater at properties and comparing the results to environmental risk guideline thresholds. This further investigation is known as a detailed site investigation (DSI) or phase 2 environmental site assessment (Phase 2 ESA). iEnvi has a network of subcontractors (such as laboratories, drillers, service locators, excavators) who are evaluated and reviewed and ranked in quality, which means we will provide competitive pricing but also high quality in the investigations we complete.

Our DSIs include review and advice from our Principal Environmental Scientists and Certified Environmental Practitioners Site Contamination Specialists (CEnvP CS Specialists), which are often required by financial institutions and government bodies to sign off on investigations.

A detailed site investigation (DSI) or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment often follows a PSI (or Phase 1 ESA). Investigations help determine the risk of any ground or water contamination to environmental and human receptors, and of contamination leaving a property and potentially affecting another property (and causing a liability and/or risk to other asset owners).
The level of quality in deciding where to place samples, how many samples to get, and the methods of collecting samples is critical to relying on data. Developing a sampling and analysis quality plan (SAQP) is the first step, which involves a review of the purpose, methodologies, logic, and quality controls requirements to rely on data retrieved in the DSI.
After sampling is completed and sample analytical results are received from NATA accredited laboratories, the data is reviewed in context to the site and surrounds, and environmental guidelines.
Knowing what relevant guideline criteria are based on or derived from, and how they can be used in the context of each site is critical in understanding the risk and next course of action. There may be duties to report contamination to regulators or to further investigation contamination. iEnvi will always communicate this with our clients and help with a business friendly strategy that is compliance.
The end (and critical) goal of a DSI is to build a conceptual site model (CSM) to evaluate the contamination sources, pathways and any potential receptors, to help visualise the uncertainty of the delineation of contamination and to help evaluate the risk of any contamination to receptors.
If this is not done properly or with high enough quality, then the argument against Tier 1 conservative criteria may be insufficient, or that key aspects were missed that may cause complications later, after commercial decisions have been made such as the purchase or sale of a property or business.

Our Services

Environmental Due Diligence and Compliance

We provide some of Australia’s fastest and most complete environmental due diligence services through our connections to providers across Australia.

Contaminated Sites Evaluation

We inject experience and the best solutions through a network of partner-level team members, and our project management team ensure delivery for environmental assessment and risk assessment projects.


iEnvi consults to government and industry, providing innovative remediation strategies that often are described as out-of-the-box unique solutions.

Petroleum/Underground Tank Environmental Services

iEnvi has noted expertise in servicing the petroleum industry in Australia. We have consulted in many enforcement notices and audits by State Government Environmental Regulatory bodies, as well as legal cases where fines and lawsuits apply due to fuel leaks on the surface.

Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)

iEnvi provides environmental investigations at the desktop or initial stage of investigation including preliminary site investigations (PSI) and desktop environmental due diligence (EDD).

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What Our Customers Say

Tier 1 Contractor – Sydney Area, NSW

Warringah Freeway Upgrades. Timely reporting, Professional advice.

Council in Sydney, Innerwest Sydney Area, NSW

Park/Golf Course Upgrades Environmental Investigation and Environmental and Waste Management. Environmental work was undertaken to a high standard. Communicated results and risks well.

Planning Consulting Company – Keysborough VIC

Site Management Plan for a Commercial/Ligh Industrial Development. 5/5 for value and would definitely use iEnvi again.

Traffic Company – Carlton VIC

Health Risk Assessment of Department of Justice Upgrades of Traffic Lights near a petrol station. Punctual and responsive services.

Aboriginal Housing Office – Casino NSW

Preliminary Site Investigation and Soil Sampling. Really appreciate the quick turn-around time and understanding of project urgency. Great to get clarifications with Council upfront to avoid surprises later.

Imbil QLD

Bridge Upgrade Works. Excellent service, timely and professional.
First Response Maintenance Solutions

John Holland – Waterloo NSW

Waterloo Metro Station Upgrades. A knowledgeable team that has helped us navigate a complex issue using a risk based approach.

City of Ryde, Innerwest Sydney NSW

Park Upgrade Investigation and Strategy for Impacted Soil. Excellent service. Found alternatives to simply disposal of contaminated materials which in turn saved Council a significant amount of money.

Mirotone – Wacol QLD

Exit Lease Assessment. Excellent service and enjoyed the video summary in the report.

Emergency Builders Client – Fitzroy VIC

Investigation for insurance claim. Fantastic response especially in working with a new builder of ours.

Industrial Client – Sydney Olympic Park Area NSW

Investigation for prior to selling site. Very thorough and professional and detailed analysis.

Vimar Trading- Southern NSW

We wanted to expand one of our successful service station sites south of Sydney, and acquire neighbouring properties. Another consultancy provided groundwater monitoring reports that were not accepted by the bank, and iEnvironmental, at very short notice (4 business days) to allow for settlement, provided a high-quality groundwater monitoring report and preliminary site investigation. The deadline was tight and quality needed to be excellent, and iEnvironmental delivered and our settlement date was met. I want to thank Michael for his exceptional service and professionalism and will recommend his services.

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