Asbestos and Waste Tyre Advice – NSW Government Construction Project

 iEnvi provided advice for a NSW Government department during a drainage dam construction project that exposed impacted fill material, asbestos and waste tyres on Crown Land. Contractors had been engaged and the sensitive project required additional controls of an experienced environmental consultant to ensure compliance.

Asbestos, waste tyres and other material were encountered during civil works and iEnvi provided advice on how to practically manage waste legally while keeping construction moving forward. Compliance with NSW EPA and WorkCover NSW legislation and guidelines was advised, as well as how to manage waste compliantly during activities as well as safely. Additionally, a long-term Environmental Management Plan, which iEnvi has significant experience in providing, was proposed for long-term residual waste and contaminated soils.

Waste Management, Asbestos, Advice, Tyres, Risk Mitigation, Environmental Management Plan

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