iEnvi Consultant at PFAS site

What is a Conceptual Site Model (CSM)? A Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is an essential tool in environmental consulting, particularly in the field of land and groundwater contamination. It provides a simplified representation of the environmental conditions at a site, identifying the types and sources of contamination, potential receptors, and pathways through which the contamination

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online environmental report

Environmental Engineering: A Driving Force for Sustainable Business Practices In the realm of sustainable business practices, environmental engineering emerges as a fundamental force, driving businesses towards a more environmentally conscious future. In Australia, where diverse ecosystems coexist with bustling urban developments, the role of environmental engineering is not just pivotal; it’s transformative. Here are ways

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environmental test for property purchase

iEnvi were engaged by a client to complete a limited soil investigation for the purpose of pre-purchase due diligence at a property currently used as an open car parking facility, intended for redevelopment as a materials storage and a soil conveyor system. The purpose of this PSI and soil investigation was to assess if there

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