resource recovery

stockpile reuse

iEnvi was engaged by an inner western Sydney Council to undertake a soil stockpile reuse investigation at a vacant property. It was important to determine the contamination condition of the 1,800 m3 soil stockpile before reuse options could be identified. Targeted test pits were excavated throughout the soil stockpile and sampled. Based on the findings

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soil reuse environmental consulting

iEnvi was engaged by a childcare centre development company to undertake soil sampling at a residential site prior to the construction of a new childcare centre in Morningside, Queensland. Development approval had already been received for the construction of the childcare centre, however, the company were seeking to confirm the soil on site was not

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roadway contamination recovery

  From February to May 2019, iEnvi was engaged by an inner western Sydney Council in a resource recovery program to reuse road asphalt as engineering fill for the planned development of new sports fields and courts at a reserve. In New South Wales, resource recovery orders and resource recovery exemptions allow some wastes to

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