operational environmental management plan

Developing an Operational Environmental Management Plan, Campbellfield VIC

operational environmental management planiEnvi was engaged to complete an Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP) to be implemented and managed by an auto vehicle storage and container packing company to unload, store, modify and pack vehicles for the purpose of new auto vehicle storage and container packing for export business. 

The OEMP was prepared to document environmental controls that are required to operate as an auto vehicle storage and container packing yard (scrap metal wrecking yard) in a manner that will pose a low environmental risk at the site. The OEMP outlines responsibilities, controls and actions to be implemented for the planned operations at the site. 

iEnvi completed a site inspection to develop the OEMP with key environmental risks at the site including fire, noise, air quality, and soil and water contamination, this was recorded in an Environmental Audit Investigation Checklist in accordance with AS1940 checklist. 

To further assist with site operation management iEnvi provided the operator with the Sustainability Victoria’s resource recovery centre workbook to help resource recovery centre (RRC) owners and operators document and assess their performance against the better practice guidance in the Guide to better practice at resource recovery centres (2017).

iEnvi have developed operational environmental plans for development approvals, residual contamination and diminishing the risk for operations at industrial and commercial facilities.  To discuss your operational environmental management contact [email protected]



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