Preliminary Site Investigation for Child Care Centre – Sydney Northern Beaches

iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) was recently engaged by an architect firm to conduct a preliminary site investigation on a property they wanted to convert into a child care centre. Preliminary site investigations are required for obtaining development consent for most projects.

The developers requested a desktop only preliminary site investigation, and as such, a site visit did not occur.  iEnvi examined the history of the site, noting a long history of residential only use, and considered the surrounding area when conducting the preliminary site investigation. The potential for contamination by groundwater flow from a nearby petrol station was evaluated and deemed unlikely after contacting the Environmental Manager of the petroleum company that we had worked with prior and receiving written notification.

iEnvi’s preliminary site investigation explained that soil sampling for lead, heavy metals and asbestos was required under the NSW Draft Child Care Planning Guidelines and that the buildings on the property should be inspected for asbestos due to their age. Once soil sampling and site inspection for asbestos is carried out, the site can be deemed appropriate for the developer’s child care centre.

The developer and architect firm required the report for initial discussions with Council on the suitability of the location, with further sampling to be undertaken as part of the Development Application after this we agreed.

If you need a preliminary site investigation for potential contamination on your site call 13000-43684 or email [email protected].

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