Townhouse Development Preliminary Site Investigation, VIC

iEnvironmental Australia recently conducted a preliminary site investigation (PSI), soil sampling, and subcontracted a geotechnical investigation for developers as part of their obligations under their development planning permit, just outside Ballarat in Sebastopol, Victoria.

We delivered a full PSI of the 4.1 Ha site with 30 soil bores to 5m depth, soil sampling, and geotechnical investigation and an environmental report and geotechnical invetigation report for planning permits within 2 weeks from award and a cost of just over $10,000. They key cost saving, as we always recommend, was to combine geotechnical and environmental drilling and sampling together, as well as the advantage of our company structure providing better rates and lower cost.  Michael Nicholls – Director.

The client planned to develop the 4.1 Ha Sebastopol, Victoria site from a residential and agricultural into a townhouse complex.








The preliminary site investigation considered the history of the site, which comprised of one brick house, sheds, trees, and undeveloped land and historical agricultural use (with some agricultural machinery repair areas). The dates that each structure was built and the materials used indicated that the site had a low risk of contamination.

The soil sampling involved 30 soil bores and the collection of 15 primary soil samples for contaminant testing at the site. iEnvi partnered with Structerre Engineering for the geotechnical assessment. The sampled soil was sent to a NATA accredited laboratory for contaminant analysis. Conducting soil sampling at the same time as the preliminary site investigation allowed for faster evaluation of samples and turnaround of results.

In the workshop area, a small diesel fuel spill was detected but found to be low risk, and iEnvi made recommendations that allowed for the safe development of the site and management of the small area of impacted soil, and potentially hazardous building materials encountered during demolition (lead paint, asbestos).

If you need a preliminary site investigation or sampling for your property or development contact us on [email protected] or 13000 43684 (13000 iEnvi) to speak to our expert team.

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