UPSS Investigation for Restaurant Business Sale in Hervey Bay QLD

Underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) can be a big headache when trying to sell or develop property. UPSS can leak into the surrounding soil and groundwater, polluting the environment and endangering human and animal health. Thorough UPSS investigation and detailed reporting is necessary to proceed with sales or redevelopments.

A family run restaurant in the Hervey Bay, QLD region reached out to iEnvi for environmental reporting in relation to historical underground storage tanks and UPSS located on their site while trying to sell their home/restaurant business.

The client was trying to sell the site, but the purchaser’s lending institution was insisting on environmental reports as the site was on QLD’s Environmental Management Register (EMR) for having previously used underground fuel tanks. With a limited time frame before settlement, the client needed fast and accurate investigation and reporting. However, consultancies recommended by major banks provided over-scoped and expensive quotes.

iEnvi provided quick turnaround on a high quality UPSS soil and groundwater investigation and report for the client. The investigation showed that the UPSS had not impacted surface soils or the aquifer, and in fact, no hydrocarbons, staining, or odour were at detectable concentrations in surrounding soils. Our report was issued before settlement and was exactly what the client needed to complete the sale of their property.

Post sale, iEnvi are now providing services to the new owner of the site for the decommissioning of the UPSS, with the aim of removing the site from the Environmental Management Register.

Do you have UPSS problems or need another type of environmental reporting for your property? Contact iEnvi for a practical and flexible approach to site investigations and environmental reporting at or 13000 43684 (13000 iEnvi).

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