Duty to Report Contamination Form Changed in NSW

Any person who has contaminated land, or the owner of any land that is considered potentially contaminated, is generally required by law make a report to their local state EPA body, depending on the state environmental or contaminated land regulations. In NSW this must be completed using a prescribed form, under section 60 of the CLM Act. The Duty to Report guidelines were updated in 2015, which you can read more about in our article here.

A new version of that prescribed form has recently been approved by the EPA.

The changes in the form are:

  • A new form link to the Duty to Report Contamination Guidelines;
  • A requirement for the attachment of supporting information, or if the supporting information is not attached, an explanation for why not is required.

A short transition period was allowed. Since 1 April 2018, the new form has been required for all contaminated land notifications.

The first step under national guidelines and state regulations in identifying contamination is to complete a preliminary site investigation (PSI) for your property.

iEnvironmental Australia also has a simple checklist you can use to find out whether you have the Duty to Report contamination – contact [email protected] for a copy.

Speak to us at [email protected] or try our online 2 minute PSI quotation portal: https://www.psireport.com.au/product/property-environmental-background-check/ if you prefer easy, quick no-nonsense payment and delivery.


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