What Lies Beneath: Hidden Contamination in the Subsurface

You can stand on the property line and look over the lovely fresh green grass. There’s a few weeds, but they are nice and green, and even have a few random tiny flowers. Beautiful. Looks safe. Seems safe.

Maybe not.

We often find old fill or underground storage tanks or other contamination that has migrated from nearby sites or historical activity in the subsurface. It is just not visible to the naked eye, but it is much more common, especially near major cities than you may realise.

It may be putting your family at risk.

Subsurface contamination is a significant issue here in Australia. Environmental standards have improved over the past few decades, but they were not always as stringent as they are now. Everything from asbestos insulation to lead in paint has been in common use over our lifetimes.

To level properties fill was used from industrial waste sources, building demolitions waste, and we generally find some contaminants in this fill, potentially at carcinogenic or harmful concentrations. We understand how important it is now to protect ourselves, our families and the environment, but we need to play some catch up by testing those questionable sites to be sure.

If your property, or the property you are about to purchase or lease, has not been tested for contamination the first step is a preliminary site investigation…

Speak to us at [email protected] about getting your site assessed, or try our online 2 minute PSI quotation portal: https://www.psireport.com.au/product/property-environmental-background-check/ if you prefer fast, quick no-nonsense payment and delivery.

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