NSW Site Auditors Scheme Changes

Late last year the EPA released updated guidelines for the NSW Site Auditors Scheme with the aim of ensuring proper management and remediation of contaminated land during land use zoning changes and construction projects.

The timing of the Guidelines for the NSW Site Auditors Scheme release coincides with a construction boom in metropolitan Sydney and will mean changes to contaminated site auditing for many existing projects.

The Contaminated Land Management Act defines site auditors as independent experts with specialised qualifications that allow them to audit contaminated sites and issue site audit statements to verify that effective and compliant remediation has been completed.

Previous versions of the Guidelines for the NSW Site Auditors Scheme had only briefly covered waste management. The new version of the guidelines provides a detailed and extensive list of requirements for site auditors when dealing with waste management on contaminated sites.

Redevelopment waste will fall under increasing scrutiny, as the EPA aims to stop contaminated waste soil from being improperly stored, dumped illegally, or passed off as clean fill. Site auditors classify the soil according to the Waste Classification Guidelines and ensure that it is sent to the correct disposal facility according to that classification.

Site auditors are obligated to notify the EPA if there are problems with classification or disposal. Additionally, site auditors are to assess clean fill coming onto the site, and notify the EPA if the fill doesn’t meet the definition of clean fill.

While the updated guidelines could mean increased costs associated with longer remediation processes, the guidelines will have a positive effect on the construction and demolition industries by making it harder for dishonest operators to continue doing business undetected.

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