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Water Quality Sampling for Cattle Stock Watering and Irrigation Mt French, QLD

iEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) was contacted to determine whether existing groundwater and surface water dam water quality was suitable for use in livestock watering and feedstock irrigation.

Principal Environmental Scientist Michael Nicholls travelled to the Mt French QLD farm to collect the water samples from three sources. Water from two dams was sampled using the grab method. One groundwater bore was sampled using the low flow sampling method. Water quality parameters were collected on the site.

The samples were analysed for pH, total dissolved solids, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chlorine, sulphate, alkalinity, specific absorption rate, nitrate and nitrite. Results of the analysis were compared to the ANZECC 2000 Water Quality Guidelines.

iEnvi was pleased to advise the owners that the surface and groundwater at all three sources was suitable for livestock and feedstock use, with only some restrictions on certain types of crops.

iEnvi conducts water quality sampling as well as soil and groundwater investigations. Contact us on [email protected] or 13000 43684 (13000 iEnvi) for expert advice on sampling for your property.

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