waste removal fill assessment

Townhouse Development PSI, DSI, South Australia

 agricultural land developmentiEnvi was engaged by a developer to conduct preliminary site investigations and soil sampling at two properties in Angle Vale South Australia. The developer had acquired two large agricultural properties in South Australia, and wished to convert them into residential townhouse village developments, and environmental investigations were required for due diligence and development approval of the planned 50 lot and 70 lot residential developments.

One of the properties was found to be a former landfill nearby a creek, and various concerns regarding contamination in different pockets of the property were gained by interviewing neighbours. iEnvi calculated full costings immediately of potential capping and groundwater risk assessment. That property was determined unviable and too high a risk to continue with development, potentially saving the developer millions of dollars.

The other property was relatively clean with soil samples indicating no or acceptable contamination levels for the proposed use, and assessed as suitable. Council then proceeded with approval for the development.

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