waste classification

Waste Classification and ENM Assessment, Southern Highlands NSW


waste classificationiEnvi was engaged by a local council in the Southern Highlands to conduct an insitu Waste Classification (WC) and an excavated natural material (ENM) Assessment of soil beneath a segment of road to be redeveloped.

The purpose of the WC and ENM Assessment was to characterise the soils beneath the segment of road planned to be disposed.

A site inspection and soil sampling was conducted at 30 m intervals along the segment of road based on the sampling methods outlined in NSW WC guidelines and the NSW ENM Order 2014. Based on the site inspections and soil test results, it was determined that the majority of the site was ENM (17 of the 20 sampled locations); two sample locations were classified as restricted solid waste and the remaining locations were classified as hazardous waste.

This result provided an opportunity for the client to reuse the majority of ENM under the NSW Resource Recovery Framework as engineering fill or for use in earthwork. In addition by doing the waste classification insitu, prior to excavation, the soil could be immediately managed and disposed of, negating potential delays and additional soil management required if the soil had be excavated, stockpiled and then sampled for waste classification.



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