soil reuse environmental consulting

soil reuse environmental consultingiEnvi was engaged by a childcare centre development company to undertake soil sampling at a residential site prior to the construction of a new childcare centre in Morningside, Queensland. Development approval had already been received for the construction of the childcare centre, however, the company were seeking to confirm the soil on site was not going to be a risk to children visiting the childcare centre.

Shallow soil samples were collected and analysed for the presence of potential contaminants of concern, and the soil samples were below all regulatory assessment criteria for human health and ecological risk. The soil was considered to be low risk and no further action was required by the childcare centre development company.

The soil is likely to be removed offsite during the construction process. With the reassurance that their soil is clean, the company can now look into soil reuse options prior to the removal of the soil offsite.

iEnvi have a 100% success on completing preliminary site investigations (PSIs) for child care council development approval across Australia - for fast PSI contact iEnvi at  [email protected]


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