Long Term Environmental Management Plan

Well water sampling iEnvironmental Australia

iEnvi previously prepared a long term environmental management plan (LTEMP) for a coatings manufacturing facility after a detailed site investigation (DSI), remediation and validation of soil groundwater were completed, to set out the principles for long term environmental management of residual solvent hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater and soil at the site. The LTEMP was also a requirement under the site’s environmental protection license (EPL) under Section 55 of The Protection Of The Environmental Operations Act 1997.

As part of the LTEMP, iEnvi have been responsible for the groundwater sampling events as part of the monitoring program. The objective of the groundwater monitoring events (GMEs) is to provide ongoing monitoring of groundwater contaminants and electron donors for natural attenuation (NA). This has followed the completion of the active multiphase vacuum extraction (MPVE), and surfactant enhanced bioremediation remediation program. iEnvi review the trends of groundwater chemistry and NA parameters, including a Mann Kendall statistical analysis, to assess the performance against modelled predictions of decreasing contaminant concentrations (and mass) and ongoing supply of electron donor chemical species for bacterial degradation of contaminants at the site.

Based on a review of the GME results and the LTEMP decision points for contingency measures at this time, there are no contingency measures necessary and attenuation of the contaminants appears to be occurring in accordance with, or better than predicted model trends at the site.

iEnvi have developed environmental management plans for industrial and commercial facilities, including recommendations for remediation, management of remediation activities and ongoing monitoring and management of identified contamination. To discuss your environmental management and remediation contact us for a solution that will meet your needs.


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