auto recycling environmental site investigation

Preliminary Site Investigation at Auto Recycler for Refinancing, Melbourne Victoria

auto recycling environmental site investigationiEnvi was engaged by an automotive recycling company to undertake a preliminary site investigation at a recycling facility in Melbourne, Victoria. The company wished to refinance the site and require an assessment of the level of environmental and human health risk associated with the automotive recycling processes and chemicals at the site. iEnvi completed historical reviews and site inspections at the site.

The preliminary site investigation included a review of the onsite processes, historical use of the site and surroundings, onsite chemical storage and waste generation, storage and disposal. iEnvi were able to identify issues at the site and surroundings that were potential risks to ecological and human health and would require further investigation or management. These potential risks included hazardous materials (automotive parts) stored on hardstand, evident fuels and waste oil staining on hardstand including adjacent to onsite stormwater drainage discharging offsite (via a triple waste interceptor) and historical agricultural chemical and asbestos debris impacted fill material.

iEnvi were able to provide recommendations that were practical to mitigate and manage the identified risks at the site to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and to ensure minimal impact to human health and surrounding ecological receptors. iEnvi also provided additional information on future risks associated with continued operation of the site and assisted the company in understanding the level of environmental risk associated with the refinancing of the site.recycling preliminary site investigation



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