erosion sediment control

Erosion Sediment Control Plan (ESCP), Mornington Peninsula, VIC

erosion sediment controlEnvi was engaged by a construction company to review and update the erosion sediment control plan (ESCP) as part of the construction environmental management plan (CEMP) for a State Significant development site in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The update was necessary to address inadequate erosion sediment controls of the original ESCP identified at the site.

Modeling was undertaken using the Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) software and drew from rainfall data, construction designs, geotechnical and topographical data to simulate the rainfall and catchment conditions at the site.

Based on the estimated flows and the area of catchment determined from MUSIC modelling, iEnvi recommended a number of erosion sediment controls matched to international best practice standards (IECA) for the site including sediment fencing, diversion berms and sediment detention ponds to help mitigate potentially high sediment loads that would develop at the site during heavy rainfall events.

The design helped the site stay compliant and reduce risk to surrounding water ecosystems during the construction phase of the development.



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