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Asbestos, a contaminant of the modern world once hailed as a product of the future asbestos was widely used in the building industry because of its cost, convenience and excellent heat insulation properties from backyard dunnies to factory roofs. Over time it was discovered to have serious adverse health effects particularly when airborne. While it has fallen into disuse (except in specialty products),  because of the long lead times to discovery it is present is widely present in land fill everywhere from school playgrounds, sporting fields, recreation zones and demolished building sites. 
It is considered important to remediate, where the extent of remediation required is dependant on the degree of contamination, knowledge of the contamination site and the intended and use in the future. While there is considerable fear in the community around asbestos, it is quite manageable.
Our Approach
Our approach has three main phases, each leading to the next and controlling costs through elimination of risks and knowledge acquired. Our approach enables you to have a good understanding of your suspected contamination and to enable you to effectively manage your site now and into the future. While the steps are common across remediation for any contaminant, our wide experience with asbestos allows us to deliver a timely cost effective solutions where you are in control of the process (and budget)
1. Preliminary site investigation
This is a paper based study that investigates the known history of the site, including its use and can provide good evidence on the the scale (if any ) of the contamination. We also look to the neighbouring geography to look for cross contamination. For many clients looking to cover their bases this might be as far as you need to go. if you need to go further it is an effective tool in fine tuning your onsite testing to reduce time and cost required.
2. On site testing
Based on the outcomes of our PSI or evidence you have collected from the site our next stage is to conduct field testing on site. The sample includes any zones of particular interest (from the PSi or your knowledge of the site) together with boundary samples or anything our modelling of water or land shifting suggests. Our tests are dependant on intended land use in the future and can include top layer as well as bore samples. These build an effective evidence portfolio going forward
3. Site remediation
Based on the results our field tests and the intended land use we develop a customised remediation plan including removal, capping layer(s) and vegetation solutions. Where appropriate we will engage soil, geotechnical and earth moving specialists that we know and have used for many years and take care of all the management of the entire project, with regular reporting to you!.

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