Contaminated Sites Evaluation

Cost Efficient Remediation for Hydrocarbon Contamination, Newcastle and Wollongong, NSW

Contaminated Sites Evaluation

iEnvi was engaged by a client’s legal department as part of a merger and acquisition due diligence to undertake preliminary site investigations (PSIs) at seven industrial drilling and hydraulic maintenance sites in NSW for the purpose of environmental due diligence. A company wished to purchase the sites and required an assessment of the level of environmental and human health risk associated with storage and use of hydraulic drilling-related plant, equipment and chemicals at the sites. iEnvi promptly completed historical reviews and site inspections at the sites.

Surface staining of unsealed ground was observed at three sites, and all three sites were identified as likely to contain contaminants in the soil that were a risk to onsite workers and the surrounding environment. iEnvi recommended targeted soil investigations be conducted at all three sites to determine the level of risk associated with the likely contamination.

An iEnvi Environmental Scientist attended the three sites to undertake targeted soil sampling in the areas of the surface staining, and the soil sample results indicated subsurface contamination of hydrocarbons up to 0.5 m below the ground surface in areas at two of the sites. iEnvi was able to recommend cost-efficient remediation methods that could be completed by the company to eliminate the hydrocarbon contamination by excavation of the delineated areas after treatment by S200 OilGone, a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable treatment addititve that feeds natural occurring indigenous hydrocarbon eating bacteria to quickly convert the spill to Co2 and water. Immediate and permanent encapsulation protects both incident workers and the environment and reduces the human health and ecological risk associated with the soil.

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