UPSS and Detailed Site Investigation for a Rural Service Station in Far North Queensland


iEnvi was engaged by a company to complete an Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) and Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) for a service station with an attached residential dwelling located in far north Queensland. The company wished to purchase the site to use as a service station and re
sidential dwelling. They required an integrity test of above ground storage tanks, an investigation into the location and condition of some formerly used underground storage tanks and an investigation of potential contamination associated with the underground petroleum storage system (UPSS).  

A site inspection and sampling was completed by an iEnvi environmental scientist, during which soil samples were collected from locations adjacent to the underground storage tanks, fuel lines, bowsers and the above ground tanks. iEnvi were able to incorporate local contractors to assist in the work, which enabled a cost efficient methodology and incorporated invaluable local knowledge of the service station and the surrounding environment in the investigation. 

iEnvi found evidence of some contamination at the site that indicated one of the fuel lines of the formerly used underground tanks has leaked. iEnvi were able to provide a report to the client that detailed the additional work required if they wished to purchase the site and gave the client a cost estimate for the further work that could be used in the sale negotiations. The client has since re engaged iEnvi to complete the additional work, following their purchase of the property.


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