park recreation site investigation

Innovative and cost-effective soil investigation, Sydney NSW

park recreation site investigationIn early 2019, iEnvi completed multiple preliminary site and soil investigations at recreational use parks in inner Sydney suburbs prior to a series of playground upgrades and installations. From a review of historical information and soil sampling, iEnvi identified that the soil at the parks was potentially exposed to contaminants within the last 50 years.

iEnvi Environmental Scientists completed shallow soil testing at the parks and the results confirmed the presence of hydrocarbons in the shallow soil at two parks. Further soil testing was required to determine the human health and ecological risk associated with the soil.

Instead of pursuing a length remediation process or environmental management plan, iEnvi were able to complete a further soil investigation involving leachate testing to confirm that the hydrocarbons in the soil were immobile in the soil and the potential risk of the soil to human health and the surrounding environment was negligible. The playground upgrades and installations were able to proceed without further remediation or environmental management plans, and the client was pleased knowing that the risk of the soil to park goers and construction workers was low.

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