UPSS abandonment anddecommissioning underground fuel tank QLD

UPSS Abandonment Insitu Via Foam Filling, Sunshine Coast QLD

UPSS abandonment underground fuel tankiEnvi was engaged by a local restaurant owner to manage the decommissioning and abandonment of three underground storage tanks (USTs) at a restaurant in Hervey Bay, QLD. The site is currently on the QLD Environmental Management Register (EMR) for historical use of the site as a commercial service station. The client wished to have the site removed from the EMR and is undertaking UST abandonment work as an initial step towards meeting the requirements to have the site removed from the EMR.


The decommissioning and abandonment consisted of insitu abandonment via foam filling due to existing building structures overlying part of the UST’s which eliminated the possibility of removing the tanks without compromising the building onsite.


iEnvi were able to manage and complete decommissioning and abandonment works of the onsite UST’s including providing appropriate documentation on the abandonment process to outline compliance with AS4976-2008. iEnvi also provided additional information on further works required to achieve site removal from the EMR including validation groundwater monitoring and completion of a UPSS.



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