environmental assessment merger acquisition

Urgent Preliminary Site Investigations for M&A, Multiple Sites QLD, NSW, SA


environmental assessment merger acquisitioniEnvi was engaged by a law firm on behalf of a confidential client as part of merger and acquisition due diligence to undertake preliminary site investigations (PSIs) at three metal fabrication facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia for the purpose of environmental due diligence. 

The client wished to purchase the sites and required urgent assessment of the level of environmental and human health risk associated with metal fabrication and powder coating processes, equipment and chemicals at the sites. iEnvi completed historical information reviews, environmental documentation reviews, site inspections and interviews with onsite staff at the sites to complete PSI reports for each of the sites within one week of engagement. 

The fast turnaround time enabled the client to promptly review the environmental risks and potential financial consequences associated with the merger and acquisition. There was a moderate to high environmental risk at each of the sites, and further soil testing was recommended to determine the level of risk to onsite workers and the surrounding environment. The client was able to factor this risk assessment in when considering whether purchasing the sites was a financially viable decision and negotiations with the target purchase business.

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