Preliminary Site Investigation of a mechanic workshop for finance approval, Wynnum QLD

iEnvi was engaged by a private company wishing to purchase a mechanic workshop in Wynnum, Queensland and a preliminary site investigation was required to secure financial approval for the purchase, A site inspection was completed, during which several potential sources of contamination were observed at the site, including a triple interceptor trap, an underground waste oil storage tank, a mechanic pit and a vehicle hoist. iEnvi returned to the site to complete soil sampling adjacent to the potential contamination sources.

Soil sample results indicated no presence of the contaminants of concern and iEnvi was able to determine that the site was considered suitable for ongoing use as a mechanic workshop. The final report was used to approve the financing of the property and iEnvi was able to provide the client with a simple outline of tasks they can undertake to ensure the risk of contamination occurring remains low during ongoing operation of the site.

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