targeted soil investigation nbn

Targeted Soil Investigation and Insitu Waste Classification, Brisbane, QLD

targeted soil investigation nbniEnvi was engaged by a large construction company to conduct Targeted Soil Investigations and Insitu Waste Classifications (TSI/WC) in advance of trenching to install NBN infrastructure, for a portion of recreational properties across Brisbane known to be historical landfill and contaminated sites.

The purpose of the TSI/WC was to investigate soil that was to be excavated during installation of NBN infrastructure so that the works could be managed safely and compliantly in regards to human health and the environment.

Site inspections, soil testing and sampling were conducted with the use of a photoionisation detector (PID) to collect measurements of potential volatile gases and a landfill gas meter to evaluate the potential for landfill gas intrusion. Based upon the historical information available, site inspections and soil test results, it was determined that there was a presence of contamination at some of the sites.

Since the contamination detected at some of the sites were unlikely to cause serious or environmental harm, there was no duty to notify regulators of the identified contamination. However, iEnvi provided recommendations for the development of Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) in accordance with general environmental duty (GED) under the Environmental Protection Act.



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