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Environmental Management Plan for a Brewery and Wastewater Treatment Plant, Goulburn NSW


iEnvi was engaged by a brewing company to complete an Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP) for a new brewery in a regional city in NSW. The new brewery included a warehouse for brewing and packaging beer and cider and a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the brewing company required an OEMP for the site prior to commencement of operations onsite.

A site inspection was completed by an iEnvi Environmental Auditor to identify potential environmental risks and understand the extent of the onsite operations. Additionally, an Aspects Register was created and incorporated into the OEMP to provide mitigation methods for the identified environmental risks. The site had previously been granted an Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) with NSW EPA and had a Trade Waste Agreement (TWA) with the local council, both of which were incorporated into the OEMP to ensure the management of environmental risks was compliant with the EPL and TWA. 

iEnvi were able to deliver an OEMP to satisfy the local council and the brewing company. Subsequently, iEnvi were engaged again to complete a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan for the brewery and WWTP, to ensure that if a pollution incident were to occur, the brewery staff are able to contain and mitigate the pollution incident to minimise environmental risk in accordance with the NSW EPA legislative requirements.

environmental management plan manufacturing


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