Environmental Consulting Graduates and Interns

From time to time iEnvi has taken on new graduates or interns, their excitement, the bringing of new knowledge from our tertiary institutions is an important part of the mix. 


Although a degree has been completed or nearly completed it is at this first appointment that the journey of an environmental consultant really begins. It'sIts not unlike an apprenticeship, where having completed undergraduate study the skills are applied to the real world. Environmental consulting is often fast paced with short turn around projects for clients, or longer term ones with many dependenciesdependancies. Balancing report writing amid coordinating site works, testing schedules and liaising with multiple stakeholders await the new graduate or intern alike. 


Every now and then a notice will be sent out advertising when iEnvi will be looking for.

Unfortunately iEnvi are not taking interns or unsolicited graduate CV’s at this time, so keep an eye on our website and employment websites like seek.com.au in the future.


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1. Preliminary site investigation
This is a paper based study that investigates the known history of the site, including its use and can provide good evidence on the the scale (if any ) of the contamination. We also look to the neighbouring geography to look for cross contamination. For many clients looking to cover their bases this might be as far as you need to go. If you need to go further it is an effective tool in fine tuning your onsite testing to reduce time and cost required.
2. On site testing
Based on the outcomes of our PSI or evidence you have collected from the site our next stage is to conduct field testing on site. The sample includes any zones of particular interest together with boundary samples or anything our modelling of water or land shifting suggests. Our tests are dependant on your intended land use in the future and can include top layer as well as bore samples. These build an effective evidence portfolio going forward
3. Site remediation
Based on the results our field tests and the intended land use we develop if needed a customised remediation plan including removal, capping layer(s) and vegetation solutions. Where appropriate we will engage soil, geotechnical and earth moving specialists that we know and have used for many years and take care of all the management of the entire project, with regular reporting to you!.
online environmental report
Onsite or online...its up to you!


Like to do this all online? At psireport.com.au we offer four levels of environmental background investigation and reports reviewed by a Certified Environmental Professional in Australia’s first online shop. You can choose what you need quickly for the best price and fastest delivery. The options are:

  1. Environmental desktop records and summary letter
  2. Desktop Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), not including a consultant site visit.
  3. Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), including a consultant site visit, without soil sampling.
  4. Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), including a consultant site visit, with soil sampling and laboratory analysis of a comprehensive standard suite of contaminants.

More details are located here: https://www.psireport.com.au/option-guide/.

Our daughter business – psireport.com.au provides businesses and individuals a no-fuss, highly cost and time effective means of acquiring the environmental reports on what lies beneath the ground, without the hassle of dealing with consultant quotes, wait times and added expense.

Speak to us at [email protected] or try our online 2 minute PSI quotation portal if you prefer easy, quick no-nonsense payment and delivery.

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