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Professional development with a little help from ALGA and Hydroterra


ALGA Australasian_Land_and_Groundwater_AssociationMany thanks to ALGA (Australian Land and Water Group and Michal) for providing the recent seminar on using Willowstick for high resolution groundwater flow modelling, presented by the good folks at Hydroterra.

As a former geophysicist (humping back packs of gear across mine sites and glacial flows alike) I enjoyed both the summary on geophysical techniques (internal and external) as well as the in-depth information about Willowstick itself. This really helps to set the scene of where the utility of the technique comes to the fore, as well as a local expert we can go to. On the scale of complexity geophysical type tools are some of the more complex, requiring lots of modelling, but as the seminar showed this can sometimes be the only way to solve the really complex problems.

For us as an environmental consultant organisation it brings home the importance of a commitment to ongoing professional development. While we have a suite of favourite investigative techniques, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ and so by staying up to date through professional associations like ALGA we can ensure we have access to the latest techniques. This helps us to get the match right for every client that comes out way, through innovation to provide quality service.

One of the best things about these seminars too is question and discussion time. Its here that the experiences of the whole ALGA community brings further insight. The variety of experiences and professional backgrounds of all our members brings a cross disciplinary deeper understanding of the application and challenges surrounding many environmental contamination problems.

Big Thankyou to ALGA for hosting and Richard and Adam from Hydroterra for a most interesting presentation.




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