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iEnvi is (Carefully) Open for Business…


environmental home officeiEnvironmental Australia (iEnvi) is Open for Business in the office and the field, as we carefully follow the Commonwealth Department of Health adviceand relevant State guidance on COVID-19.

We hope our clients and contractors are staying safe, as we also highly value our team’s safety. Like everyone, we are adjusting to keep everyone safe during the evolving understanding of this unprecedented (in our lifetimes) virus pandemic.

Our team are currently working from home for desk-based work, and hopefully enjoying their extra time and less travel time with family (and pets!). We are still servicing our work onsite with extra precautions in place.

I have personally had a great experience of spending more time with my young family and having our 5 year old girl’s first two baby teeth come out (and two very welcomed visits from the tooth fairy!).

Luckily iEnvi has been operating via cloud infrastructure from its inception, and the transition hasn’t been a difficult one.

As of our current status (noting there are weekly changes) we are operating as follows:

- Desktop reporting and office-based work (being done from home) is not interrupted.

- Site investigation and remediation work is not interrupted, noting we are keeping strict rules on distances from our underground service locators, drillers, and excavators; and lab drop-offs are done without contact. We are only travelling to site by vehicle.

- Extra PPE is being used including masks on site.

-  Equipment courier drop-offs and sample drop-offs are continuing with arranged drop-offs that avoid face to face interactions.

✘ - Flights and public transport are being avoided by all staff.

✘ - Face to face meetings are being avoided and instead we are using video conferences with our clients, partners and contractors.

Remember when travelling by vehicle to be careful of fuel pumps and any surfaces others touch (handles, rails, bathrooms).

Please respect due to obvious reasons our staff will not shake hands or come within < 2 metres of you!  But we still like you!

Click here to see some of our exciting recent projects:https://www.ienvi.com.au/our-projects/
environmental home office boss

Michael Nicholls (not pictured above)
Managing Director
iEnvironmental Australia Pty Ltd


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