Preliminary Site and Further Delineation Investigation (PSI and FDI)iEnvi was engaged by a private client to complete a Preliminary Site and Further Delineation Investigation (PSI and FDI) for a Section 53V Audit of a residential property to provide additional site information that would address data gaps identified by an Auditor in a previous contamination assessment for the site which would assist in an overdue planning permit application.

After reviewing the comments of the environmental audit, iEnvi completed the investigation which included a site inspection, targeted soil sampling, installation of a groundwater monitoring well and groundwater sampling.

Based on observations and site history, iEnvi were able to address the data gaps outlined in the previous contamination assessment and found the site suitable for the current and continued use as a residential dwelling. A 303-page detailed report was successfully submitted on quick turnaround to the client and Auditor to meet the requirements of the overdue planning permit application.



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